Integration with Xero

Our very own, completely customizable and secure cloud based solution to application and software development. Dhir365 is a user-friendly set of Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning modules that allows for safe and secure integrations with Xero .


Dhir365 and Xero

Dhir365 offers two different apps, Invoice Tracker and Tax Planner, which allows integration with Xero.

Invoice Tracker

Track Invoices issued with a single login

Stay up to date with the status of your invoices at your fingertips

Chase payments with just a click of a button

Only view invoice details you need – Customizable with Dhir365

Tax Planner

Stay ahead of tax season with an app that calculates/plans your taxes

Customize input fields to allow for tax adjustments

Plan multiple business taxes using a single login

Completely customizable with Dhir365


Case Study

Dhir Infotech was recently approached by a client, an established accounting firm with a problem. For years they have been tackling tax season without a proper automated application dedicated to tax planning for their larger clients that were running several separate businesses. Planning out tax payments was important especially since it was based on the overall performance of all the businesses their client ran. When the client needed to make tax deductible purchases, they needed to be able to view and analyse an evaluation that could help them better determine when and how a tax deductible purchase should be made. Being able to effectively evaluate and advise on their client’s businesses overall performance also helped our client retain their clients and increase profits. However, having to extract the information from Xero and then tabulate calculations was cumbersome and time-draining, and they needed a solution.

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