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Business Areas

We provide IT solutions across multiple industries, here are some of the highlights



Softwares used for soil testing, asset management and asses integrity, approvals and compliance


Health Care

Online booking system for health care sector for making positive difference to industry


Food / Beverages / Hospitality

Deals, promotions and online ordering apps to being customers closer to businesses


Human Resources

Human resource Management, policies, procedure, approval, training, induction support to streamline operations for organisations



Integration with various accounting software along with the smart and hassle-free for money management


Retail / E-Commerce

Supporting selling goods or services to customers through various channels


Below are some of the services we offer


Web Application Development

Embellish and grow

Turn to us for creative web solutions that stand out while we focus on applying the latest designs into your websites.


Mobile Application Development

Meticulously designed

Smart innovation across all android and iOS devices, faster results, implement your solution and use this opportunity to drive your business with increased user engagement.


Cloud Technology Solutions

Greater impression in less time

Don’t compromise on accessibility and security. We’ll help you develop solutions quicker or supplement current ones by applying cloud-based solutions into your existing systems to create or enhance features.


Human Resource Services

Elevate teamwork

Start connecting your business to professionals. Discuss with us your requirements and we’ll find you the best fit t take your business forward. Our team members are highly qualifies and professionals to get your job done in best possible way.


System Integration

Tailormade solutions that fit your style

Our solutions are designed for integration with each other as well as with your existing systems to provide a holistic solution that connects your customers to your company, and your company to profits. We’re with you every step of the way.


Customised Software

Frontend to backend, solution ready

Connected software solutions can help your business grow, improve your operations, collaborate will partners, better client and customer relationships more effectively.


Database development

Convert your data into information

Connect across databases with a design that makes your business operations simpler. Access the data you need anytime, anywhere.


Internet of Things

Expand your horizon

Let technology do the work for you, even its just brewing a fresh cup of tea. Bring your ideas to us and let us help you turn them into reality.


Secure and Smart Business Solutions

Across a myriad of industries in Australia, our expertise is limitless. With close to 15 years of experience, our developers not only program, develop and maintain web application and softwares designs suited precisely to your company’s needs, we also keep innovation in mind knowing your company is growing too.

Our Products

Dhir Infotech's innovative products to help businesses and community



Innovative ERP/CRM for modern business needs

Dhir365 is a new innovative ERP/CRM business solution developed to meet your business needs with the use of the latest AI tech. It is compatible with all devices not just mobile phones and laptops/PCs. With cloud hosting, all your data and information are available at your fingertips when you need it, instantly.

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Bringing customers closer to businesses

The LoyalCust App is a unique way for shop owners to reward their customers and communicate with them by deals and promotions. The mobile app works on Web, Apple and Android devices for both the shop owner and their loyal customers. LoyalCust also supports online food ordering with in-build loyalty program.

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